"Les Nuits Blanches"

Soundtrack for a video by Irene Hopfgartner for the exhibition

"Les Nuits Blanches"

from November 10th to November 27th, Vienna (Austria)

"Ritual Plastic"

Live performance with Irene Hopfgartner

at vernissage of the exhibition "Buon Giorno"

September 18th, Museo Gironcoli Herberstein (Austria)

at "Transart 10"

September 22th, Tischlerei Georg Mühlmann Jenesien (Italy)

"Ritual Plastic" - Movie

Soundtrack for a video by Irene Hopfgartner

for the exhibition "Buon Giorno"

from September 18th to October 31th,

Museo Gironcoli Herberstein (Austria)


Soundtrack for the exhibition of Giancarlo Lamonaca at "KunStart 10"

in collaboration with Emanuel Valentin (Hang)

hear a part of the sound:


Soundtrack for documentary of the exhibition (on DVD)

(produced by RAI)

"Vanity and High Fidelity"

Soundtrack for the exhibition by Julia Bornefeld

from April 15th to May 29th, Tiroler Landesmuseum

Ferdinandeum IBK (Austria)

from July 09th to September 04th, Stadtgalerie Kiel (Germany)

extract of "DTS (with Hang)"


Soundtracks - Artistic installations & performances





"Bach" performed by Irene Hopfgartner

Soundtrack for the installation "das rote Haus" by Irene Hopfgartner

for the exhibition "Discover Design"

from October 17th to November 30th,

Stilwerk - Designtower Vienna (Austria)

"Macello Butch-ennial"

Sound installation on the contemporary group art exhibition

"Macello Butch-ennial"

from June 9th to June 23th, Bolzano (Italy)



Soundtrack for the film by Stefano Lodovichi (Moodfilm),

in collaboration with Klaus Leitner and Irene Hopfgartner

trailer #1:

Irene Hopfgartner © Gregor Khuen Belasi

Ivo Forer © AGCL

"Lesung im Wasserglas"

Live performance with "Dr. Fish" (Yvonne Kreithner,

Daniel Defranceschi, Maria C. Hilber, Ivo Forer)

at the exhibition "50x50x50 ART Südtirol"

August 15th, Fortress "Franzensfeste" (Italy)



Sound design and Mastering for the project

"Das temporäre Literaturhaus CASA NANG"

at the exhibition "50x50x50 ART Südtirol 2015"

from July 11th to September 12th,

Fortress "Franzensfeste" (Italy)



Sound installation by Maria Walcher

recorded, mixed and mastered

for the exhibition "LETHE"

from July 1st to July 8th,

Domplatz Innsbruck (Austria)

© 2017 Ivo Records